Prince Albert and Caroline Bergonzi. Bonelli Eagles art opening.

“Thank you for hailing us this way, and for inviting us to think about our values, and about what makes our humanity. With my best wishes of achievement, joy and success. Warm regards.” Albert de Monaco.

“I met Caroline when she was a child. Sitting on the floor, she smeared a sheet of paper very carefully, which was actually not white anymore, under the amused and proud eyes of my friend Raymond Bergonzi, her grandpa, a government official yet painter and ceramist of talent which, if he had not left too soon, would be the greatest fan of his granddaughter. Since then Caroline has never been far from brushes or colors. After higher education, she entered the field of art via the door of fashion. Also noticed for her productions in design and decoration, she was soon attracted by the great magnet of the art itself. Eager to take on a big life, she crossed the Atlantic to settle in New York, where artists live. Most recently she has entered a new phase of her artistic career, both technically and thematically. In terms of technique, she went from acrylic to oil, and to painting she added metal sculpture. As for themes, she chose the portrait - with an impressive achievement that makes me predict that she will reach the perfection of her undoubted talent - and mystical subjects. (…) centerpiece is composed of twelve paintings of 100 cm wide by 120 cm high, interpreting a monument of Christian thought, the Apocalypse of Saint John, a canonical book, the last of the New Testament, which is the source of strange symbols for many artists of the Middle Ages. Unlike them, Caroline did not, only create new symbols, she wanted to give an echo to these, the correspondences of our time. The four horsemen represent the four human powers; media power, military power, market power, scientific power; Babylon is the arrogance, the throne with the twenty-four kings is the United Nations...”